Summer Field Day 2019


Summer field day has come and gone for 2019 and the provisional results are in.  Due to work commitments on the Sunday I operated as a home station for an 8-hour period.  The 2M and 70cm beams were reconfigured for horizonal use on the rotator and a coax switch installed so I could switch between the beams and the Diamond X510 vertical antenna. This was a change since the last competition.

Maybe I’ll look at the 1.2GZ band for future contests but I would like to see a rationalisation of the 6M band so there is more activity between Standard and Advance licence holders.  It’s a little lonely up the band at 52.150 MHz with many Advance operators not able to work further up the band as their antenna are not resonant there.  Also, I think the Standard operators might be forgotten there so a huge thanks to those stations taking the time to work me higher up on 6 metres.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the results and look forward to the next field day contest.

Summer FD Results.jpg