Taking advantage of a short week


Taking advantage of the short week after Easter I headed away with the kids to ripper property at Macs Cove near Eildon for four days and three nights. Most of the time was spent with the kids exploring the 300 acres of pine forest on the property as well as spot lighting at night and day trips to Mt Buller.  However I did take the opportunity to get some radio time in.  I was able to set up a portable station outside our new Coleman 4 person instant pop up tent which was purchased from Tentworld.


The tent was right for our needs but the external awning in the wind wasn’t really stable.  Good for when the winds aren’t blowing. 


A 80m vertical antenna was set up on day one to test portable operations for Emcomm digital work.  The antenna performed well connecting into a node station in Traralgon South on as little as five watts.  Forgetting to pack the squid pole I had to set up the  linked dipole on top of the vertical antenna mast that sits approx. 4 meters off the ground.  While not ideal it performed very well on the 40m and 80m bands.  Having a zero noise floor is always a bonus however night time temperatures where in single digits and light rain was falling.  Not the best operating conditions for the operator however day time temperatures made up for it as they where very comfortable.


Thanks you to all the stations worked especially on Anzac Day.  While I would have liked more time on the air I had to balance my time with the kids.

A few from the log on Anzac Day - AX4XQM, VK4SYD & AX5PAS